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Who we are

We aim to innovate by multiplying the new technology

with the hope of contributing to a better world.

Modern Architecture

Our Story

Hi there! My name is Ryusuke, Founder and CEO of RigleTech, Inc.

I worked as a newspaper sales person in Japan for about 7 years. 2018, I moved to Silicon Valley to become an start-up entrepreneur and I founded RigleTech, Inc. from April 2022. I would like to make the world a better place through innovation by crossing the latest technologies.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

Furukawa Sangyo North America, Inc.(FSNA)


Furukawa Automotive Systems, Inc.



RigleTech, Inc

Representative:Ryusuke Hiyama

530 Lawrence Expy, PMB 9008, Sunnyvale, CA 94085


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