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Are you drunk?

We drive your car!!

Daiko is a designated driver service.

We will arrive after about 20 minutes, ready to safely TAKE YOU and YOUR CAR to your home.

​Price: $ask (Subject to change based on demand.

After your request, we will inform you of the fee before it is finalized.)


To Business

For driving experiment

Our services are also used for business purposes. For example, companies that distribute automotive products to car manufacturers or develop self-driving cars need to conduct driving tests in the US. Hiring their own drivers would cause various problems, such as cost. We can easily solve such problems. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Request for Daiko now

We will contact you ASAP. Thank you!



I am a safe driver with no accidents in over 10 years. I am quiet while driving. My hobbies are playing darts and BBQ.

Professional Drivers


Former Track Driver

I worked as a truck driver for many years. I love driving. I try to drive safely.


Web Marketer

Hi, I'm Yusuke based in San Mateo. I've been driving for about 8 years and never been nor made a traffic accident. My hobbies are playing video games and walking.

Customer Reviews

[5/10/22]While using Uber/Lyft both ways to attend an alcohol-involving event is an obvious, smart choice, the Homo Sapiens throughout history has been known to make less-than-ideal decisions from time to time. You drive to an event 30 minutes away, thinking that since you have to drive 30 minutes to get back, that you won't drink much. If only things just worked out like that... An inebriated mind will think that getting an Uber for the night and taking the Uber back the next day is too much work, and think that driving under the influence is a necessary compromise. This is when accidents happen. If it's just your stupid life that you are risking, you deserve it. But frankly, you are risking the life of someone else on the road, quite possibly someone with a bright future ahead of them. It's a risk that can easily be minimized, by using services such as Daiko, and I'm happy that services such as this exist.

Age 30+ / Man / Palo Alto

[3/18/22]It was very convenient. I will definitely use the service again.

Age 30+ / Man / Sunnyvale

[8/22/21] Thank you very much for your help today. I was able to enjoy drinks at the Bay Area Japanese Club and return home in my own car without having to rely on my family again the following day. It was indeed very helpful. I'm thankful that, unlike Uber, I can go to the party using my own car, go home with my own car without DUI, which means I don't have to do it twice, and I don't have to pay for a one-way trip, which would be cheaper than Uber. Thank you very much for your time.

Age 30+ / Woman / San Jose

[9/4/21] I like the idea of being able to easily go to a place with my own car instead of taking Uber or Lyft back and forth. It's actually nice to be able to call someone on short notice when you want to drink a lot while eating out (because with Uber, you have to pick up the car the next day).

Age 50+ / Man / Los Altos

[09/10/21] With family and kids, most of the time, one of us always serves as the driver thus wives can't drink. I think this service is very helpful for home parties especially on weekends since most of the time we want to load our cars with food and drinks to bring to the party. I thought this service is very much in demand in California where home parties are very popular. I wonder though if securing drivers would be an issue since the demand for this kind of service is quite high. It's been a while since I've been able to drink without worrying about a DUI, again thanks to Daiko, thank you!

Age 40+ / Woman / San Jose

[09/24/21] I think it's a very convenient service, but it was a bit of a hassle since you have to set up a time in advance or to have to worry about the time I had to drink.

Age 30+ / Woman / San Jose

[09/25/21] When I came to US I was surprised to know there is no good public transportation system especially night time in BayArea except Taxi.   I was more surprised about everybody go dining or drinking by their own cars.   Since Daiko service has been so popular in some areas where there is no good transportation at the night in Japan.   So I have been wondering long time why nobody start Daiko service in US.    Now here it is, Daiko is available in Bay Area.   I am looking forward to using their service again on next dining out. 

Age 50+ / Man / San Jose

[10/6/21] When you have a party at night, but you drove your car to the venue, and eventually if you are getting drunk (or even shitfaced), what would you do??

Driving your car back home is dangerous and illegal (No DUI please!), but leaving your car in a public lot is VERY RISKY too since car break incidents are increasing based on pandemic unemployment etc.

Using Uber/Lyft round-trip is a reasonable solution, but when the round trip is long, it can be pricy – especially nowadays Uber can rip you off in the “peak time” or whatever they call.  (Yes, I had experienced it in evening when I went to Angel Stadium of Anaheim to watch Shohei Otani: frigging $60 for 2 miles!  Thank Uber for make me learn the dark side of ride share service!!)

And sometimes you have to send your kids to schools and come to the office for meetings ASAP in the morning: that is a kind of typical scenario you have to drive your car even you have appointment of party in the evening – and sometimes you can’t stop drinking beer 🙂

Don’t worry anymore.  Now we have a solution: Daiko by Rigle Tech

Daiko sounds like daikon (radish) in a salad bowl, but actually meaning “replacement” in Japanese.  In this case, “hey, I drive your car for you and bring you back home, you can just sit and relax or even take a nap in a passenger seat”.

Currently it would take 20 minutes-ish to have a Daiko car to pick you up, but when you foresee the closing of the party, just send a request to them in advance.  At the time when you say goodby to your drunken friends, you’ll see the Daiko driver right in front of the restaurant.

When you get to your home, the driver leaves with his e-scooter etc.   Pretty handy isn’t it?

Age 40+ / Man / Los Gatos

[10/10/21] The driver was friendly, very thorough and safe throughout the trip. I didn’t have to worry about driving back home, so was able to enjoy dinner and wine with my friends. I would use this service again when I have happy hour/dinner plans with my friends.

Age 30+ / Woman / San Mateo

[11/7/21]I have found this service to be excellent value and one that I will continue to use. I have used it twice so far for friends' home parties. I have two children, ages 1 and 3, and I have to bring them along with me to my friend's parties. But I also like to drink, so I don't want to drive them there and hold back on the alcohol. I need child seat for my two children, but Uber doesn't have them and carrying child seat is a hassle. With the Daiko service, I can drive myself there, have a drink and go home, so I feel that I can pay 125% of the price of Uber for this service.

Age 40+ / Man / San Jose


Q:If you have an accident with my car, will you insurance cover it?

A:→ In the event of an accident, the vehicle owner's insurance will cover it. And don't worry, we have never had any accidents. Additionally, we consider it a smaller risk than getting caught with a DUI.

Q:Can you handle it on the same day?

A:→ We are trying our best to accommodate you, but at now we may have to decline your request. We aim to provide a service that will come to you anytime you call, but please understand that we are still in beta-service and have few drivers. We would appreciate it if you could contact us (feel free to do so) as far in advance as possible.

Q:Can you handle late night?

A:→ We can accommodate you, but we may have to decline your request due to the service being developed. We would appreciate it if you could make a reservation as soon as possible (preferably by the day before).

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